Friday, February 5, 2010

Let me step back in time a little

I suppose I should share a few purdy pitchers here once in awhile. I spent a few tedious hours sorting images on multiple hard drives and came across some favourites.

These were from a scouting trip. Lucky for me, I had a long lens with me. I had a bride coming from Ontario, who wanted a wedding on the beach near Anne of Green Gables. She had never been here before and neither had the groom or family. So I got to be wedding planner.

Anyway I went scouting for a nice beach location that was private but showcased PEI, You might know, red sand, red cliffs, ocean, green fields etc. I standing on a cliff, looking at a beach below and snapping some wide angle shots of the beach I just found. I hear this noise in the bushes behind me.
You can click on the image for a bigger view

I thought this one was fun. He looks very happy. Not sure what he was thinking but it was very windy and it just might have been the same thing as when you blow a little air on a Baby's face or your cat. :)
I was being watched! And he wasn't worried in the least about me.  Turned out there were  6 of them and certainly not concerned about me there taking photos.

Posing for the camera. Beautiful creatures and sharp little teeth too. They might be smaller but....

The last one was the one which was watching me at first. What an intense look. He wanted to see if I was safe I guess.
At the time I had an ultra wide lens on and very slowly changed to a 300mm. He stood there just watching and waiting to see what was going to happen.

My only regret is I should have cranked up the ISO. The sun was setting and the light was getting dim, gave great soft light though. So in a couple the shutter speed should have been higher. How many times does one have to learn that lesson!
Hope you enjoy!

Peter Zack - Cheers and good shooting

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