Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ever wonder why I shoot Pentax?

This is one of the perfect examples. This gear is tough and as a wedding shooter, that can be really important. Why? Dirt, sand, rain and not treating the gear particularly well. The article below about Steve Kroeger taking his Pentax to the top of mountains is a great example of this. A lot of cameras would have serious problems in weather this cold and challenging.

Back to my choice in gear is weddings and some of the challenges. Last season I did eleven weddings in July, if you were here, you would know that it rained nearly all month. Couples really want at least some of their formal shots done outside for the album. So when it rains, it can be tough on gear and lenses. But since the Pentax system offers a solution, I'm set for anything.

One particular outdoor wedding this year is a good example where the forecast called for possible showers. Now here in PEI everyone golfs. So the guests had big umbrellas at the ready. The bride's car arrived and at that very moment, the heavens opened up. All the umbrellas popped up. I was the only one who couldn't hold one. The wedding went off without a hitch, the pictures were great and I was completely soaked.

I know a number of wedding shooters that just can't do this. Their gear will be ruined in bad conditions. In fact one shooter commented to me, that he never goes to the beach (even on a sunny day) with the couple and his "good gear" because the blowing sand will ruin his equipment. Sad for the couple that they are not getting his best stuff.

So this is a translated site with a few odd errors but you'll get the point. Pentax is tough and can take on the most difficult jobs without issue and provide top notch images.
Steve Kroeger climbs mountains with a Pentax K-7.

Cheers and good shooting - Peter Zack


Stephen said...

Probably more of a recommendation to buy weather resistant gear as opposed to starting a brand war in favor of Pentax.


Peter Zack said...

Yes very true Stephen but we Pentax shooters are like Apple owners. Have to wave the flag once in awhile :)

Stephen said...

This post needs to be revisited. ;-)