Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cartoons can mirror life

As anyone who reads this might know, I write for a web site devoted to photography called Enticing the Light and we try to educate and have some fun. Being a wedding and portrait photographer, I come across some photography work that doesn't make the grade in my humble opinion. I'm sure you do as well. Then I had (and still have) my own issues with web sites.

As a reader of  What the Duck, the great comic strip from the mind of Aaron Johnson, there are sometimes strips that just hit the spot perfectly on a number of levels.

So I came across this one. Perfect for my web site trials and tribulations lately. Yesterday I was checking on some ads I run on an online classifieds site and discovered that a guy I had tried as an assistant is now out flogging his 30+ years of experience as a wedding photographer. Lots of people say that. "I got a camera for Christmas when I was 12, Now I'm 43 and starting to book photography work...."

You'll notice I used the word "Had" in that sentence. He doesn't have what it takes IMO and that relationship ended quickly. I could go into the quality of work etc. but that's boring. Now I see those very same discarded photos posted as a gallery of wedding work. The cartoon fits exactly what I thought about the content.

Aaron brought a smile today and I hope the brides out there understand what the message is. Choose carefully and look at the whole body of work. Then you'll know.

Now back to my dear friend CSS, I'm sure real web designers think it's easy. Hummmm there's a parallel there somewhere. I ain't no web site developer.

Cheers and good shooting -Peter Zack


street_vision said...

Glad to see you back on your blog. That what the duck is timely as well. lol

Miserere said...

Not only is Aaron capable of putting his finger on photographers' concerns every time, but he manages to do it almost every day. I think he doesn't sleep, or maybe they're triplets pretending to be a single person.